Women’s History Month: Jess Klein, Bondeye Jewelry

Jess Klein, owner and designer of Bondeye Jewelry

Jess Klein/ Bondeye Jewelry

Bondeye Jewelry exudes an easy confidence with it play on classic silhouettes that create an understated look that is delicate enough to become part of an everyday uniform yet creates a statement based on the person who is wearing it. Jess Klein, the designer behind the brand has named most of her pieces after iconic and inspiring women, tapping into the colorful and independent personalities and the varying moods of all women, our strengths, emotions and our passions.”Have you always had a passion for jewelry?


Have you always had a passion for jewelry?

“Jewelry has always been an essential part of my wardrobe, there are almost no photos of me where I’m not wearing at least 13 rings across all 10 fingers (yes, lots of stacking was involved) and hoop earrings.”

Jess Klein stacking her rings


Bondeye Textured Hoop Earrings

When did you get into the jewelry business and had you been in another business before?

“I started a career working in the sports industry and then moved to Milwaukee to work for the NBA Team, the Milwaukee Bucks. In early 2018, I launched Bondeye Jewelry® while working full-time for the Bucks. I eventually left my full time job, turned my side-career into my one and only profession and grew my collection into a full-fledged brand.”


For whom are you designing?

“I initially started by designing for myself because there were pieces in the market that I wasn’t seeing. As the collection evolved, I was able to cater to a demographic who wanted elevated higher-end pieces while still continuing to keep my entry level styles for our younger customers who still wanted an unconventional twist on fine jewelry. I also noticed that a lot of men were buying from us, so I started introducing unisex pieces into the collection.”


What are your favorite piece you always wear from your collection?

“I always wear our Wave rings on all my fingers, and a pinky ring.”

Jess Klein wearing her Wave rings and pinky ring and a bunch of other rings


One of Bondeye Jewelry’s wave rings

What is your most cherished inherited or sentimental piece?

“My grandmother’s vintage diamond Cartier butterfly brooch that I had converted into a necklace.”

Jess Klein’s grandmother’s brooch she turned into a pendant

How do you mix up your jewelry?

“I choose my jewelry each day based on how I feel or how I want to feel. It’s become my ultimate form of self-expression – my mind, attitude, and  stylistic point of view.I also love to collection vintage and antique pieces and mix them with the pieces I design.”