Women’s History Month: Michelle Berlinger of Berlinger

Michelle Berlinger of Berlinger redefines the norms for engagement-ring traditions in the bridal industry with her artistic and unexpected twists on the geometric and details of Art Deco designs for today’s bridal customer. She is particularly attracted to the three dimensional aspects and modernity of the Art Deco movement for her rings, but then rearranges the details and silhouettes into eye-arresting compositions for today’s women who desire something classic yet contemporary. She has pioneered a look that combines permanence with a poetic feeling in her ‘Mosaic’ rings which are created by combining different patterns which incorporate a variety of fancy and antique-cut diamonds in one design.







Here we talk to Michelle about her love of jewelry from an early age and how that evolved into creating her own brand as well as the pieces she personally wears and collects.

When did you first realize that jewelry made your heart skip a beat?

“I have been in love with jewelry since I was a child. I was beading earrings and necklaces from the time I was eight and then again at 14 when I sold them to a local store in Los Angeles., collecting vintage pins as a young teenager and started making jewelry at the bench after as I got into a metalsmithing studio in college.”

What was the first piece of jewelry you coveted?

“When I was a young girl,  I was obsessed with my Mother’s original Art Deco engagement ring. It’s platinum with hand engraving, scattered diamonds, and a three -carat antique Asscher cut diamond center. I wanted this ring for as long as I can remember, and my family jokes that it launched 1000 Berlinger rings. It represents all that is alluring about early Art Deco jewelry. When we were getting engaged, my now husband proposed to me with this ring. It brings me such joy  and signifies the love between generations and captures the romance of my marriage.”

Michelle’s Mom’s ring that she was obsessed with and now is her engagement ring


When did you get into the jewelry business?

“I started my company at a really young age and stuck with it even when it was challenging and I wasn’t sure I would make it. I  think the boom in social media and e-commerce allowed me to grow the business into what it is today, Instagram is a powerful tool for awareness and selling jewelry and I believe was a huge key to the success I’ve achieved thus far.”


Who is the women for whom you are designing?

“I am mostly designing for women who desire an unexpected take on engagement rings and wedding bands. They are drawn to antique or vintage details but prefer a style that that is imbued with a modern, funkier edge.”


Emerald and French baguette cut diamond Mosaic ring

Marquise and round diamond Confetti Mosaic band

Your Favorite design from your collection?

“It’s called the Oval Ballerina ring and has  cornflower blue sapphire center. This ring is so sparkly,and eye-catching every single time I wear it someone stops me to ask about it and wants to buy it right off my finger.”

The Oval Ballerina ring

“What pieces do you collection for your personal collection?”

“Victorian and Edwardian-era jewelry including pendants and stick pins that I have converted into charms over the years. “I usually mix up my Berlinger pieces with antiques layering for everyday wear.”