Why A Y-Necklace should be a staple in your jewelry wardrobe

Sinuous and sexy, Y-necklaces returns to the jewelry scene for spring/summer 2017 in a variety of moods and themes, from floral feminine motifs to the  streamlined simplicity of a single pave bar dipping down to emphasize the décolletage.

Y-necklaces draw inspiration from earlier lavaliere style necklaces-highly popular in the lacy and airy styles of the Edwardian/Belle Époque period in jewelry-in which a pendant was suspended from central pearl, old cut diamond or two chains that met in the middle.

Y-shaped necklace chain are more delicate , meet at the point of the Y and are often  punctuated by a smaller pendant or set gemstone and then drops to reveal a larger medallion, bar, row of diamonds or three-dimensional charm.

If you don’t have one or more in your jewelry wardrobe–it’s time to take the plunge and splurge. And, whY not–they stand alone, layer with shorter and longer necklaces, come in myriad versions  and they have staying power.

Here are some of bejeweledmag’s picks for the season:

The Bold & The Beautiful

Ark Jems crystal diamond and moonstone necklace


Long and Lean

Flirty and Feminine

Just Jules Delicate lacy Y-necklace with cabobon emeralds and drop

Singular and Symbolic

Motif Driven

Beaded, Twisted, Braided