My year so far and the changes to come

So far, 2018 has proved to be challenging, fun, informative and has resulted in ideas for a revamp of our almost two-year-old jewelry magazine.

I have been involved in various related activities. At the beginning of the year Rod Worley of Four Grainer Radio which takes listeners ‘inside the jewelry trade” interviewed me on my 20 + years in jewelry as a journalist, designer, consultant and author. He even asked what career I would want to engage in if it wasn’t one that involved sparkle, shine and uncovering hidden treasures. You can listen to the interview here to find out.

I did my 2nd group of two sold-out jewelry historical tours at the Original Miami Beach Antique Show. I love giving these tours and speaking to the dealers about the different periods and the jewels they carry from the periods and how excited the different groups get when discovering new jewels and gaining more insight into the identification and purchasing of the jewelry. Watch for my posts on Instagram for upcoming tours.

On one of my Antique Tours at Pat Novissimo from Lowther Antiques. Pat specializes in Georgian and early Victorian jewelry

I co-curated my 2nd season (Spring 2018) at The Store At MAD which featured returning artists and emerging and independent wildly creative jewelry designers whose kicked off the season with a cocktail reception and are selling in the store currently. See previous story (here ) and take a quick glimpse at the new selection below:

Franci Sagar and me at The Store At MAD Spring 2018 opening party for RE:FINE. Photo by Annie Watts

I was interviewed by various journalists who cover jewelry like I do. I talked about everything from how to layer and stack jewelry, mix antique and modern and combine metals as well as diamonds throughout history. Most recently I was interviewed by The New York Post’s Alev Aktar on ‘starter jewelry’ which discussed first jewelry purchases, what you should add, when to purchase certain gifts for the young jewelry collector and how to grow a jewelry wardrobe that is current and relevant yet enduring with some potential investment pieces. You can read the story here.

During this time, I continued to freelances for print magazines and moved from my apartment to another in NYC. This was not planned. My landlord was going to sell and I had 5 weeks until the end of my lease. After looking at almost 40 apartments in all parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, I found a wonderful space approximately 12 blocks from where I was living.

Moving is great for re-imagining your space,  uncluttering and tossing the stuff you thought you needed but haven’t looked at in a while or that you have outgrown.  As I was packing, I kept stopping to think about the ways in which I could begin to shake up and revamp it the way in which I moved around and redesigned my new apartment with what I already owned.

What other info did I possess to make the changes I began to think of? What has been working and what hasn’t? Which stories are the most read?  For me this was akin to what clothes did I wear most often and what was being moved further back in my closet, taking up space. In other words what to keep and what to toss? And, although nothing in the magazine warranted tossing, there are columns and articles more widely read and those are the ones I would be focusing on and expanding.

All of my experiences this year has taught me more about publishing this online jewelry magazine.  During the summer, I will be writing away but also working on implementing change and growing and evolving with my audience. I have learned more about what they are willing to commit time to read and what visuals and stories capture their attention most.

I look forward to bringing you more from the jewelry front, particularly in two weeks when Jewelry Week in Las Vegas kicks off!

And, then as the seasons change, from summer to early fall, I am excited to share the new feel of Although the voice of the magazine has been clearly defined. It will be fun to re-imagine what belongs in’s space.


opening shot of some of the book boxes from my old apartment before moving to my new and the only jewelry I didn’t take off for the move, my Cartier Love Bracelet which is locked on and other bracelets that surround it.