Antique and Modern Jewelry and related items I covet for Holiday 2017

Throughout each year, I make my jewelry and jewelry related wish list for the holidays. This season, I have decided to share the top 20 antique, vintage and modern pieces and two other items on my list and why I covet them. (Yes I have that many and more—what can I say, it’s my passion) 

Necklaces and Pendants

Bell & Bird’s paste rivière necklace is a true classic. I prefer the Georgian styles in original condition to later models as they offer character, charm and in paste, a price point that’s more accessible.

Polly Wales modern spin on Victorian padlocks. It’s the most current and ingenious take on an antique padlock I’ve come across and the rainbow of sapphires in Polly’s signature setting create a look that’s as awe-inspiring as it is daring. The station chain creates more of a statement which I would say yes to any time but I would also be thrilled with the padlock on its own.

-I have to admit, I already own several Foundrae pendants and rings. I am drawn to the sentiment and symbolism behind jewelry and love that the collection is based on significant pieces that each woman can ascribe different meanings. I am ready for my next piece. And, since I previously selected pieces that bespeak love and luck, I going for protection now in this double scarab motif pendant necklace.Earrings

Margery Hirschey’s double drop pendant earrings are modern yet have the character and charm of antique pieces. These are mismatched to perfection.

More Pendant earrings I would want to own:

Any of these antique pendant drops at Fred Leighton. The diamonds dazzlers and those with pop of color surrounded by old cut diamonds are sure to add sparkle around the face and spice up the type of simple and clothes I wear which include, white shirts, tanks and T’s, leather jackets, cashmere sweaters, jeans, trousers and, streamlined dresses.

For a more intricate antique pendant drop—I am gaga about these Veronique Bamps’s circa 1870 diamond silver topped old mine cut and cushion cut diamond styles. These are the type of earrings I dream about.

however, I would also be overjoyed with these small girandole style Georgian paste earrings from the Spare Room Antiques. They represent so much about the time period- closed and foil backed with foliate patterns as details and the early paste stones, which have a subtle glow and can be worn any time and on an occasion.

Stones in which patterns form in the earth are one of my weaknesses and these Lily Fitzgerald trapiche emeralds with their star-like formations make my heart flutter. Dangling from high karat hoops, they can be worn with all the neutrals in my wardrobe.

Speaking of hoops. These Gabriella Kiss small snake hoops have been on my wishlist for eons and it’s time to get around to purchasing them for myself. I tend to snap up antique jewelry that I know I will never see again before buying modern pieces but these have been haunting me for way too long to hold out any longer. Plus, I collect snake jewelry and embrace the various meanings, from eternal love to rebirth and renewal. Perhaps, my gift to myself this holiday season?

Lene Vibes continues to amaze me. Her small handcrafted details create a magical land of jewelry –each piece tells it’s own little tale and these earrings are no exception. Lene also chooses and works with the most enchanting pearls —like these heart-shaped ones (yes, heart-shaped), accented with diamonds and pink sapphires.



Years ago I purchased a beautiful double heart diamond and ruby ring, circa 1860, but after spending some time with it, I sold it off my finger and I have missed it ever since. I haven’t found one I like as much until spotting this S.J. Phillips ruby and diamond twin heart and coronet ring, c.1780, set in silver and gold. Some meanings speak to the crown being the ‘ruler of the heart’ and the twin hearts suggesting  ‘two hearts together as one’. Rubies are for passion and diamonds, for enduring love. It’s Georgian and in excellent collection. Need I say more?

-On the modern front, this ring below from Karen Karch speaks to me on different levels. It is shaped like a tiara (which I have been mesmerized by since I was 5). It is set with an alluring mix of turquoise for luck and ruby for passion.  Additionally, this gemstone combination has been featured throughout time and never goes out of style.

-I have a huge affinity for antique and vintage signet and seal rings of different styles. They can be in all gold and monogrammed or in gold set with hard stones that feature messages and sayings.  I am also drawn to contemporary styles if they offer an intriguing and updated spin like  Retrouvai’s  large renditions in cushion and elongated rectangle shapes, refreshingly shown with one-of-a-kind tourmalines. This one is my pick from the bunch.

-Another type of signet is the one from Jean Vintage’s cachet collection. Emily the designer behind the collection works with wax seals to create sentimental keepsakes and tokens of love, luck and protection. This one is a favorite of mine. It’s double-sided and it swivels so you can wear on the different sides and it becomes two jewels in one. One side of this ring shows a full bouquet of flowers hovering above a message in Italian ‘Per voi/ For you.’ The other side  features an Aspen leaf, which reads, ‘non cambio che dopo morte,’ and which Emily explains, “translates to ‘I am steadfast until death.’ and is a reassurance that, despite distance and hardship, love and friendship can remain strong and undying.”


-Simon Teakle’s Art Deco diamond bracelet with a cabochon ruby center is a rare beauty and continues to be a style that endures trends and time. It can be worn alone or stacked on the wrist, 30’s movie star style.

Kwit Jewelry’s message pieces are fun and meaningful.  There are words and sayings that are part of the collection but the letters are designed so that they can also be customized for necklaces, rings, and bracelets, like this one, which spells out Joy. This is my middle name (could you get more on the mark) and what I am hoping the New Year will bring for all my loved ones and for all of you!

– I have a particular penchant for antique bracelets that are as relevant today as when they were designed, contemporary in feeling and in perfect condition such as this Victorian cuff bracelet at Glorious Antique Jewelry. The diamond ‘button’ adds the finishing touch to this bracelet which can be worn with just about everything.
-I usually go for earlier pieces but I’ve been hankering for a retro 40’s wide bracelet in tri-color gold. Although they are statement-making, they are lightweight on the wrist. This one at Spicer-Warin is ultra chic and is another example of a bracelet that looks as modern today as when it was designed.

Brooches and Hair Jewels

– Every year I pick out a star jewel for my wish list. Those on prior wishlist I have received as gifts or purchased for myself such as an antique mine cut diamond star pendant and a smaller version of a brooch with a moonstone with diamonds in the points. This brooch with its juicy mine and cushion cut diamonds in silver topped gold at Macklowe Gallery from the mid-1800’s can be worn in multiple ways and is a knockout. What better jewel than a diamond star in any incarnation to top off the season.

Maybe they aren’t tortoise hair combs like those in my favorite Christmas story, The Gift of The Magi, but after reading the O. Henry tale every year, I always yearn for someone to present me with hair ornaments which represent a true gift of love or at least high style and impeccable design. Wartski ‘s Lucien Falize’s hair sticks with enameled and gold spherical balls definitely represent the later and are true works of art.

And two that are jewelry related:

Rings by Rachel Church has been expanded this year from its V&A Museum published editions, which I already own. Why I want this one? Published by Thames & Hudson (Sept 2017), it reveals the evolution of ring designs from the Middle Ages to present day and delves deeper into modern designer rings. The focus is still on the V&A’s world-famous collection of rings, meanings and styles throughout history, which has continued to grow since the last publication of the book (photographed here under the recent edition).

-When I am not obsessing about jewelry, I am following the advances in beauty products, particularly those which have gemstones or gold in the mix.  I previously wrote an entire article about my search for the perfect gem infused beauty elixir. Recently, I  spotted a jewel of a product in the new skincare line by Angela Caglia, who has been deemed ‘Hollywood Glow Girl’ by A-list celebrities who frequent her Bel Air flagship spa for facials and her breakthroughs in skincare technology. Her line is produced in small batches, is responsibly sourced and her face oil is supposed to provide age-defying luminosity.  But it’s her ‘La Vie En Rose’  rose quartz face roller that has my full attention. This gem is renowned for its centuries-old skin nourishing properties including draining fluid, boosting circulation, improving elasticity and promoting cell turnover for a brighter, nourished and healthier glow. It’s also the chakra stone which is supposed to bring love your life. Hmmm, glowing skin and a new love for the New Year? Who could ask for more from a beauty product?


Happy Holidays to all and I hope you receive some of the jewels on your own wish lists!