Holiday 2021 Gift Guide: Colored Gemstones

Alberian & Aulde

Songs Like “She’s A Rainbow” or “True Colors”  keep playing over in my mind when I think about the kaleidoscope and myriad hues of precious gemstones that have evolved over the past five to ten years.  Whether you are drawn to more muted shades of pastels or vibrant brights, there is a stone that will become part of your jewelry rotation in a ring, pair of earrings, pendant or bracelet. You can also try out ombre or rainbow mixes of different hues. Colored gemstones are like candy—it is hard to stop at just one. Therefore when you drop subtle hints for your loved ones, be sure to keep a wish list of other pieces you covet for future holidays and special occasions. In the meantime, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are back with regal elegance. There are also pieces with a mix of opaque and transparent,  a combination different fancy shapes, old and new cuts in the same pieces create styles that range from daring and eclectic to subtle and sophisticated.


Here is a selection we curated in different colors, different price points and styles for your gifting needs.


Karen Karch:  18K gold Floating Star Ring

Karen Karch has always been drawn to contradictions — hard and soft, feminine and rugged, rock and roll and refined. She also creates some of the most covetable rings that are designed as tiaras for the finger. Her mix of opaque turquoise and rose-cut ruby gives a nod to the colors of Victorian times, but Karen’s style is irreverent and modern in its interpretation of this 18K Floating Star ring with a diamond accent.

S H O P   N O W



K8 Jewelry:  Blue Skies Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings

K8 Jewelry double drop earrings are crafted in Montreal from designer Kate Hubley’s hand-chosen  Asscher cut Ceylon sapphires and bezel set Canadian diamonds  The blues never felt so good as wearing these lightweight drop earrings. Kate says, “ these earrings are part of my  Blue Skies collection which is infinite in possibilities and focuses on the future optimism, with the certainty that cloud when they appear, will eventually part. This is a collection designed to celebrate anyone who has been able to catch a glimpse of the sky and has felt me serene and open to facing challenges head-on and turning them into meaningful lessons on love and life.”




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GIGI Ferranti: 14K Graffito Heart Pendant

GiGi Ferranti works with a  rainbow of colors in her Graffito collections which includes this heart and initial pendants.  Gina Ferranti, the designer behind the 14K gold pendant explains,” it features colorful hues that evoke the appearance of graffiti scrawled out in spray paint.”  The heart is artistic, fun, and completely wearable. The pink color way features a tonal mix of light and dark pink and orange sapphires. It is also available in a blue/purple and green/light green mix. It is fun to wear and the 1980s vibe appeals to those who remember the street artists and those just getting to know the style.

S H O P   N O W



Dale Hernsdorf: 18k Braid And Stone Earrings

Dale Hernsdorf’s pieces are steeped in history yet they always seem to feel modern and relevant for today’s woman on the go who needs a piece of jewelry that will take her through the entire day. All pieces are handmade in Dale’s studio and these 18K braided rope hoops stem from an old-world technique yet are right on target with today’s hoops. The regal Celyon sapphire and vivid green tourmaline double-sided bezel drop adds just enough color to pop everything from a white shirt and jeans to the LBD.

S H O P   N O W



Pamela Zamore:  18K  Charm And Hoop Earrings

Pamela Zamore captures the magic of luminous moonstone in her 18K gold hoop earring with dangling charms. The beauty of moonstone is that it transforms as it moves with the light and projects and an inner glow or adularescence that captures the different colors produced by the evening sky. The stones are framed with fluted edges with diamond accents. You can also wear the hoop separately which offers women a favorite theme —transformable jewelry. But when the magic strikes, just slip the charm over the post end of the hoops and go.

S H O P   N O W



Alberian & Aulde:  Gold Bib Necklace With Labradorite 

Alberian & Aulde knows how to create sensual fabric-like textures in jewelry that move and flow with the body. This mesh bib necklace is no exception and reveals how jewelry can be the standout style for timeless fashion basics. To achieve a true statement piece the team of Warren Alberian and Mary Aulde have added labradorite stations to this 14K gold necklace, which hypnotically change with the light from blue to green with touches of pink and pale yellow peeking through.

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