Holiday 2021 Gift Guide: Symbolic Jewels


Linda Hoj

This story is about how we create a memoir of our lives through jewelry. The gifts we receive from our loved ones or those we gift ourselves during the holidays this year are touchstones for different moments,  big and small in our lives; the pieces we wear to make us feel protected and loved, those that offer us guidance and strength in tougher times, romance and passion in brighter times and those that represent our accomplishments so far and the goals we have yet to meet. In journaling these significant moments through the keepsakes of jewelry, they live on, not only in memory but intangible items that remind us of the remarkable times we have experienced and those we have yet to celebrate.


For the loved ones who are drawn to symbolic  jewels, we have curated pieces with a range of different meanings from which you can choose:

Circa 1700: 14K Fill Your Heart Pendant

Circa 1700’s 14K gold Fill Your Heart Pendant is anything but an ordinary heart. It is set in blackened gold with old cut diamonds in different sizes, imbuing it with dimension and soulful character. It’s open yellow gold circular space represents “no beginning and no end.” says its creator Susan Cohen. “My goal was to design a pendant that symbolized that there is always more space to fill our hearts  since  our capacity to love is endless.”

S H O P   N O W


Talon: 14K  Mismatched Thorn/Rose, Snake/Moon Earrings

Talon’s 14K gold mismatched earrings, The Rose/Thorn and Snake/Moon are not only cool in their design style,  they also tell a tale of strength. The rose is a classic and regal symbol that is never without a thorn which represents the longtime meaning that is beauty is imperfect. “Yet the two combined, allows us to appreciate all aspects of love,” says Emily Hirsch, designer.  The Snake (rebirth) and Moon (empowerment) earring “are symbols to help us work through the ebbs and flows of life to find the path we were meant to follow.” Together they provide us with the ability to love and the courage to live without fear.”

S H O P   N O W


Nan Fusco: 14K Gold and Ruby Scarab Amulet

Nan Fusco’s modern-day 14K gold three-dimensional scarab was inspired by the powerful and protective amulet, which Nan explains,  “has been around for centuries and  was worn by the Egyptian warriors for health, strength and an abundance of good luck.” Nan has set her pendant with a single ruby on the backside, to be worn next to the skin of the wearer to enhance the protection and luck that this symbol represents. It hangs from a 20-inch ball chain and is hand-made in California.

S H O P   N O W


Orly Marcel:  18K Be The Light Mandala Pendant

Orly Marcel’s 18K gold Be The Light Mandala pendant radiates strength and vitality. It is set with pink and orange and lavender sapphires in the rays that outline this pendant, which accent the rich glow of the gold.  Orly Eisbart, the designer has engraved the back with the words “Be The Light” as a daily reminder to always remember to allow our true selves to shine.

S H O P   N O W


Borgioni: 18K And Diamond Snake Huggies

Borgioni’s 18k gold diamond snake huggies is a gift for the person who desires an everyday earring. I have test-driven this style for eight years, wearing one in my third hole in my right ear, which has never come out since I put it in. This style is so comfortable and light, the wearer won’t even feel them in their lobes, which is key when it comes to earrings that will be worn all of the time.  They are small with a huge impact, so much so that people notice mine where ever I go. Snakes have various meanings from rebirth and renewal to eternal love but Rhonda Tiffany Bartolacci — mother and daughter design team, explains that these represent the latter and are scattered with the sparkle of diamonds which also pertain to enduring love.

S H O P   N O W


Heavenly Vices:  14K Gold Lock Stories Luck Lock

Heavenly Vices’ hot off the press Lock Stories capsule collection which feature three-sided fully functional combination locks with each side representing a theme are spelled out with the Roman and Braille alphabets, and Victorian motifs reflecting the meaning of them.  The lock is meant to be worn in front as a pendant and hangs from two delicate cable chains, acting as a clasp and opening when all of the wheels line up to spell out the theme. We have chosen the LUCK lock, the iconic motifs of which include a horseshoe, four-leaf clover, the number 13 and ivy leaf, to tell our story.

S H O P   N O W


Linda Hoj: 22K Yellow Gold Sword 

Linda Hoj’s 22K yellow gold sword with a bezel set diamond in the center pays homage to the old world technique of granulation yet feels contemporary in its interpretation. The sword will slay any jewelry enthusiast who is intrigued by the significance of the symbols and motifs of the past. Linda explains, “through time swords were used to protect and defend. Our sword reflects this history and also provides the wearer with resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles.”

S H O P   N O W




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