Jewelry and fashion expressed in words, sayings and mottos


It seems that both fashion and jewelry designers have a lot to say this season. We saw words and sayings scrawled across T-shirts, sweaters and dresses during the fall/winter 2017-18 ready to wear shows. In fine jewelry, a category in which the best pieces are personal and make a statement, messages and mottoes are spelled out and engraved in gold or silver or set with diamonds and gemstones. Other styles have words and symbols that tell a story or a motif on the front and the meaning on the back.

Foundrae’s dream pendant in two sizes


Whether your jewelry speaks to feelings of empowerment, love, spirituality or political views, what better way to express yourself than wearing your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, on your neck, fingers and wrists.

Suneera’s sterling silver Carpe Diem bracelet set with a diamond on each side from the message collection of bracelet’s and rings.

These modern pieces borrow from different cultures and centuries throughout history, from ancient Sanskrit to Latin, or in their nod to puzzle jewelry of the past, particularly the Victorian era, in which phrases or words and symbols create a message.

Lucien Falize’s circa 1880 Recuerdo (memento) brooch fashioned as a medieval manuscript. It contains two messages, the one that reads memento and the other in the form of a pansy (pensee in French) which translates to think and in jewelry to think of the giver. Courtesy of Wartski, London.

Circa 1700’s vintage enamel and modern interpretations of vintage enamel pieces combined. The Bonne Chance and the Oui, ? Non are new.

For the last several years acrostic jewelry, in which the first letter of each gemstone spells out a term of endearment (first popularized in the 18th century) has also been revisited by contemporary designers and continues to be an ongoing theme.

Posy (poetry) rings, which we covered in our first issue of Bejeweled were interpreted in various ways from the medieval through Georgian periods, first in verse and symbols, which was often engraved and enameled on the outside of the ring and then in secret declarations of love in old English or French on the inside of thin gold bands which eventually became betrothal or wedding rings. Current versions of poesy rings are offered in styles that hark back to the past or those that are ultra modern with sayings and messages that speak of strength, courage and female empowerment as well as romantic gestures.

Berganza’s 17th century ‘Lyve In Hope” ring show from all different parts of the inside to feature the full message

Erica Molinari’s Latin and Italian phrases engraved on the outside of her rings


Sayings and famous quotes in Italian and French feel romantic and hold different significance for each person who wears the piece.

Whatever the message, in a time when tweeting, texting and other forms of short messages or ‘stories’ that last for 24 hours have taken over more personal forms of communication, these pieces are powerful, not only in their meanings but in their heartfelt sentiments, permanence and longevity.

Eden Presley message and motif flip ring


Circa 1700’s contemporary Victory medallions inspired by the Victory tokens worn by the British during the WWI & WWII. Crafted from 14k & 18k gold with enamel and rubies, the medallion to the right is inscribed on the back with Winston Churchill’s famous quote – “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

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