Gift Guide #9: Metier San Francisco’s something old and something new for our 12 Days of Gifts For The Holidays Series


This season we are lucky enough to have enlisted 12 expert modern designer retailers, antique dealers and shops for our holiday gift guide. For each installment, we have asked for suggestions from their brick and mortar or online stores. We have also asked what gift they would choose for themselves this holiday season.

Mixing up modern antique and vintage in charm necklaces and stacks of rings with a hip unstudied appeal is just one of Sheri Evan’s and Trina Papini’s of Metier San Francisco specialties. Clients clamor for pieces as soon as they go up on Instagram or on the online shop. These jewelry style gurus have built an international following of women who put in requests and create wish lists for specific items.

Although rings are traditionally the gifts  guys shy away from unless they are ready to pop the question, Sheri and Trina don’t have much push back when it comes to this category from , boyfriends or significant others and definitely not from husbands during the holiday season. In fact they have recommended these two styles:

“Contemporary jewelry artist Gabriella Kiss’s stunningly simple ruby teardrop set in her signature scalloped bezel. The color is magical and rubies have been associated with passion and romance throughout history. We suggest this ring as it stands beautifully on it’s own or can be stacked with other modern styles. It is also so elegantly minimal that it  combines well various time periods of antique rings.”


“Or for the more flamboyant girl who likes to make a statement with a one-of-a-kind antique ring, this Art Nouveau collectable peacock ring is an absolute beauty! Russian in origin, the pale dematoid garnets set off a champagne diamond ‘eye’.  The band wraps the finger with double flourishes and is balanced by a tiny blue cabochon sapphire.”


“Rings aren’t just for ‘her’ for the holidays. If your man appreciates something with character and age, you can’t go wrong with a chunky but comfortable signet ring.  This one has the striking shield shapes on either side that could also be engraved.”


What do Sheri and Trina covet this holiday season? Not surprising that these mix-masters of contemporary and antique both chose something old and something new.

Sheri is enamored by “this stunning Georgian navette blue guilloche enamel and diamond Bague de Firament or Stars of Heaven ring. A highly collectable piece, there is nothing like the craftsmanship and beauty found in the Georgian pieces.”

“I would also love the Gillian Conroy 18k and green tourmaline earrings. I’m mesmerized by the color and shape of these unusually cut tourmaline earrings.”screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-12-29-15-am


Trina says she’s “obsessed with the Gabriella Kiss sapphire, bronze and carved horn ship earring.  This piece is pure sculpture, cleverly set afloat on a sea of sparkling blue sapphire briolettes in various pale shades. And when it’s not being worn, it would gently sway from a stand on my dresser.


I’m also hoping to add a Georgian sepia pendant to my collection of charms and talismans that I wear every day. The navette shaped pendant of the Lady with Swallow and Egret is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen and adore the natural scene.” metier-dec-2016-antique-trunk-show-3-2



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