BRIDAL: Katey Brunini–A Colorful Love Story

K. Btunini Twig ring with center oval emerald and eternity band of diamonds

Emeralds that glow with the hope of new love of prosperity; rubies so rich they bespeak the passion of a deep romance, fire-y and everlasting. These are just some of the gemstones that comprise K. Brunini’s bridal rings and the meanings attached to the gems. Ironically, Katey Brunini has featured rings that have been given as tokens of love—for engagement and weddings throughout her career and notes, “the melding of ancient and modern is the heartbeat of all that I design.” It’s no wonder then, that while creating a complete bridal collection that the center stones are colored gems of all shapes and cuts. Within the line, she recalls the stones and engagement rings that date back from historical love stories up through the 20th Century—those of Napoleon and Josephine, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and President John and First Lady Jackie Kennedy. In fact, prior to DeBeer’s launching its ‘A Diamond Is Forever’ campaign, it was emeralds, sapphires and rubies that were worn as betrothal rings throughout centuries and cultures. Isn’t it a treat when the old norm becomes the new alternative? Speaking of treats, the palette in Katey’s collection is candy-colored but never too sweet. Katey, instead, opts for a more primitive approach to the settings- her Twig and Vertebrae silhouettes surround the center stones evoking her organic and ancient inspiration and her approach to designing wedding jewelry. “I carefully consider the unique aspect of each gem with the texture of the setting- every ring should represent the individuality of the couple: their multi-facets and the beauty of their imperfections- all of which have brought them together.”