Gift Guide #10: The Three Graces’ put a gemstone ring on it for our 12 Days o Holiday Gifts Series

This season we are lucky enough to have enlisted 12 expert modern designer retailers, antique dealers and shops for our holiday gift guide. For each installment, we have asked for suggestions from their brick and mortar or online stores. We have also asked what gift they would choose for themselves this holiday season


In 2002 when antique jewelry expert Lisa Stockhammer-Mial decided to launch her online shopping site specializing in period and antique pieces, she was inspired by the poetic imagery on a 17th century enamel bracelet and based her logo and name upon that scene. “We believed it to be The Three Graces, which in Greek mythology are the personification of truth, beauty and joy in human life and, in all of nature.” Lisa explains. “Other interpretations portray them as the daughters of Zeus, while still others represent their attributes as beauty, gentleness and friendship. Together with the Muses, they serve as the source of inspiration in poetry and the arts. The Three Graces Fine Jewelry serve as our inspiration to bring our customers all things exceptional.”

Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco are areas of expertise and she vets every piece on the site to ensure it is authentic and of the era in the description. Gemology is another area of specialization, with a full gemological laboratory on site for the identification and grading of diamonds and precious and semi-precious gemstones.

For the holidays, Lisa recommends different diamond and gemstone rings for those who might be thinking about getting engaged or whose significant others understand that rings are the jewel that most women notice first—online, in a shop, at an antique fair, on another woman’s finger and are the jewel they most want to own—in multiples.

One of her personal favorites is this Art Deco ring. “At its center is a no-heat and untreated sapphire of pure azure blue. Its surround is a medley of hand-cut antique old European diamonds. Set in platinum topped yellow gold, it is a heart throb treasure that the receiver of this gift will want to wear everyday and it possesses enough presence to be worn on it’s own. It’s a true beauty that you will want to pass down to future generations, keeping the stories of the ring and the different occasions it was give alive for many many years to come.”


“Another great gift option is to choose from our cache of vintage all diamond and white gold rings, each at a great price point (all under $2000 and many under $500!). We uncovered a small collection recently. They are all eco-friendly as well as classically chic. And, many can be purchased as a first engagement ring for those with a spending budget but who desire the design details and character that can be found in Edwardian through retro pieces.”


“Mid-century jewelry is becoming more and more desirable among collectors over the past few years and this aquamarine and diamond ring is no exception. It is a perfect blend of clean lines and ethereal cool and calm vibes. The perfectly hued aquamarine is flanked by rectangular cut diamonds and set into platinum. This could chosen as an alternative engagement ring or a gift from the heart for the right hand.”


Lisa’s wish list item would add to the pieces she collects:

So to that end, for me, adornment that contains imagery of dogs is at the top of my list. I own a small collection of exquisite dog enamel stickpins from the Victorian period. As of late, English silver and gold dog award medals from the early part of the 20th century rank as my newest love. I find it so intriguing that even an abstracted image of a dog cannot but foster warm feelings of comfort and peace within me.”


Lisa sums up jewelry given as a gift for the holidays or any occasion: “Sentiment, meaning, memories and the substance behind the jewel imparts something no mere object can. “When given within the realm of true feeling and as an expression of wanting to engender joy in another person, it is something of great value that should be always be cherished.”


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