No More Waiting Around For Your Dream Gift: A New Trend IN Self Purchasing


Valentine’s Day is perhaps one of the most advertised and promoted holidays in the jewelry industry almost as much as Christmas and Mother’s Day. From the time we were kids, we were expected to create our own Valentine’s cards in school, created for our friends, parents, siblings and if we were really brave for the special someone who made our hearts do flip flops.

There are many different legends about how Valentine’s day began but it grew to become a holiday of romance and gifting, one that leads to expectations if you are in a relationship and to feeling alone if you are single, even if you a strong independent woman during all other time of the year.

Yet with all of its romantic overtones (and marketing)  which might lead us to crave a piece of jewelry, it’s the florists and chocolatiers which have last-minute lines outside their doors while restaurants are overbooked with reservations. The truth is, as much as jewelry is the most sentimental gift, linked to the most significant events and moments in our lives—freshly cut flowers, a bottle of fine wine, a night on the town or a gift of lingerie (usually meant for the giver) are the gifts we receive most on February 14th.

So for all of us who are hoping for something more enduring (flowers wilt, chocolate melts and lingerie is fun for a night)  This Valentine’s day guide is dedicated to the jewels we can gift ourselves–those that will bring us strength joy happiness,  good luck, celebrate who we are and speak to our self-love. So accept the thoughtfulness of what we do receive from loved ones and go out and buy yourself a killer piece of jewelry this Valentine’s day.

Message Yourself

 Shari Cohen from Seal & Scribe creates modern mountings for the most charming antique seals. She scouts out broken down fobs and rings that have beautiful seals with sentimental and meaningful mottos and motifs and reworks them into one-of-a-kind modern settings. She works in hardstone and glass intaglios. For these pieces, she has taken an oval glass bloodstone from its broken down fob and re-designed it into clean-lined signet style ring. It reads May You Be Happy. Whether it’s a message for yourself or one you want to send out to your loved ones or the universe, it’s a beautifully designed ring you will never want to take off.

Seal & Scribe intaglio ring


Thea Miller of Dru Jewelry has built a strong following on her collection of sayings and words that range from witty to empowering. Her silhouettes are as strong as her messages. She designs for the woman of today – a woman not unlike herself – independent and fierce, who wear talisman to help guide and also allow the world to know a little about them. For the new decade’s  Valentine’s day, her  ‘More’ seemed apropos to her aesthetic and our theme.  “I design my pieces with messages that can change and which the wearer can ascribe many different meanings depending on her life,” explains Thea. What’s yours?  MORE—love, happiness, success, peace in the world, good health?  Accented with diamonds for enduring love and sapphires for faithfulness and loyalty, (stones can be customized) maybe this one means acceptance of your whole self, being truer to who you are so you can feel true self-love and then send more of it out into the world.

Susan Cohen From Circa 1700 creates a collection that borrows inspiration from antique and vintage jewelry and reworks them into modern-day talisman of love, luck and protection. Her mechanical hand on the chain opens and closes and can have numerous meanings to the wearer. It clasps onto a split ring with a shield pendant that signifies protection and reads Omni Vincit Amor (Love Conquers All) in and enameled banner under the initials of a husband and wife. “You can buy this for yourself and have your own initials engraved or like the one pictured her  to represent the romance of you and the most significant person in your life. Whichever way you prefer, it’s a piece that makes you feel safe in the knowledge that love is all around.

Orly Marcel sends out her messages in motifs and gemstones. She combines Eastern and Western influences into her charms and stones. Her mix of charms which (pictured here) includes a heart for opening up to all types of love, a lotus for new beginnings, and a mandala for limitless opportunities. Although these are sold separately, Orly believes these three charms are complementary together . Her gemstones also reveal meanings: stones include ruby for passion, emerald for prosperity and hope and lavender sapphires for sincerity.

Kathleen Sleigh creates jewelry in 14K gold with diamonds and antiqued beveled mirrors for her Darsana collection to symbolize the reflection of the wearer or, as Kathleen says, “her beauty and light that shines from her soul. ” It’s not surprising that Kathleen has included a crown and heart together in the collection which Kathleen says are  timeless symbols of love and loyalty. Hearts are also one of the most iconic symbols of Valentine’s Day. Throughout history crowned hearts represent love triumphant or love triumphs—which can be significant in a romantic or universal way.


Pamela Zamore’s collection is guided by the stars and allows you to follow your own direction or set out on a course you have charted for yourself. Her cuff is the perfect self-purchase piece. In 18K gold, it alternates tiny stars with lavender sapphires and you can wear it alone for an easy elegance or stack with bangles, other thin cuffs and flexible link bracelets. This bracelet is also available in diamonds.


Simplify Your Style

Hannah G’s spin on classic hoops are on trend with styles that lay flat on the ear, yet are easy going and casually appealing for every day.  These earrings fill two different trends at one time and yet are timeless enough to go the distance for seasons to come. The all-around bezel set diamond design offers enough shine without competing with your own sparkle.  In 14K gold, this is the medium size; they also come in a small size which are equally appealing.


Megan Thorne’s openwork Pinwheel pendant is the ultimate in chic. It’s inspired by the architecture of cathedral window with dainty floral motifs adding the femininity and wearablilty of the necklace. In 18K white gold, it glimmers with small diamonds and makes a statement anywhere you go. Although it pulls from different inspirations, there is light and airy and non- fussy vibe.  It’s in the details and design and like a woman herself, creates a feminine allure.

Find Your True Colors

Yoki Creations has created a pair earrings that evoke a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Like many earring styles that are relevant today, they are between the size of a vintage look that sits on the lobe and a large stud. The designer Yokabid Worku possesses an eye for color mixing and combines painterly palettes that often complement in their contrasting hues. These earrings are a perfect example in Yokabid’s blend of vibrant yellow and pink sapphires, pale pink and lavender sapphires and diamonds. The woman who is attracted to these is bold feminine and often times fearless in her choices.

Jennie Kwon designs jewelry staples. As one of her taglines says “We’re bringing it back to the basics. But don’t mistake basics for boring.”

We won’t. Jennie’s pieces reveal an masterful simplicity, spare and refined, youthful and pretty. Designs are stripped of excess, yet details such as millegrain and handmade shanks, the most delicate of bezels are all interwoven seamlessly into the pieces in the collection. We thought this Montana blue sapphire ring could be an essential for anyone who has an affinity for going streamlined one day and stacked the next. This ring can be worn alone or layered with other rings in the collection or in your own jewelry wardrobe, from diamond bands to other gemstone styles.

Alberian & Aulde captures the magic of moonstone in this clean-lined elegant ring that allows the discreet design and the inherent beauty of the stone to become part of your personal look and style. This is a ring you can wear comfortably every day. No stacking needed, no need to think about styling your hands before you leave the house. What’s even more enticing is the meaning behind moonstones. Throughout time they have  been worn for luck, protection and love. It is said that if you put a moonstone in mouth during a full moon, you will be able to tell the future or reconnect with a parted lover should you want.  Purchase it, place it on your finger and then let it work it’s beautiful magic.

Sig Ward chooses unique shapes in vibrant colors, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that reveal her sharp eye for what women today want to wear. Her enamel and gemstone collection is a testament to her strong attention to tonal blending and juxtaposing just the right mix to create a visceral response. We have chosen one rough gemstone and fine diamond collection pieces. This 8-carat rough-cut emerald is shaped like a fan and is adorned with the shimmer and shine of diamond accents on top. It’s easy to wear, works with many colors in a woman’s existing jewelry and fashion wardrobe and low key in it design. “You don’t need to add a lot of embellishment when you find beautiful gems to work with. The stone  dictates the design.” Wear it alone or layer it in with your daily rotation and also take note that emeralds mean hope and prosperity; therefore it’s a piece with which you might to bring in the new decade.