Pamper Yourself By Self-Purchasing The Jewelry You’ve Been Coveting For Valentine’s Day

Last year I wrote about purchasing your own jewelry for Valentine’s Day.  This year I believe in it even more—we are not traveling; some of us are not going to restaurants. There are too many of us not seeing our loved ones, be it our significant others, family or friends. And some of us single women who are usually independent and carefree are feeling the amplified isolation of living alone.

Although Valentine’s Day is filled with romantic overtones, the truth is even before the pandemic, freshly cut flowers, a box of heart-shaped chocolates, a bottle of fine wine, a dreamy dinner or a gift of lingerie (usually meant for the giver) are the gifts those who are in a relationship traditionally receive on February 14th. Therefore, those of all of us who crave the sentiment of jewelry have expectations that are not met and feel let down whether we are with a partner or solo.

For all of us who are hoping for something more enduring, this Valentine’s Day guide is dedicated to the jewels we can gift ourselves, pieces that celebrate who we are and speak to our self-love. So go online or get out with a mask on and make an appointment where you can social distance in your favorite store and buy that significant piece of jewelry you have been coveting. It’s the perfect time to indulge in what brings us happiness and joy! 

Shari Cohen/Seal & Scribe

While some people might think that a ring with the word L’Amour and Cupid in the center would be the type of ring someone who wants to capture the attention and affection of a special someone would select as a gift. But as a single woman, I also see this antique hand-carved chalcedony seal c. early Georgian era cupid who offers love in the form of a heart as a ring I would buy myself as a sign of hope that I will find love again in the future – someone who accepts and appreciates all of me, flaws and foibles included. In spending so much time alone, I’ve had time to think of my past relationships and with  self-love, there has to be self-awareness, which I continue to work on. The ring is set in 18K royal gold, a deeper, richer hue that is reminiscent of antique gold, with a split shank featuring a free form heart on each side with a single red ruby in its center.

Emily Hirsh/Talon

“For me, the Rose Ouroboros pendant is symbol of eternal love, beauty and desire. The pieces are part of the Midnight in the Secret Garden collection inspired by my favorite childhood book, The Secret Garden. While snakes mean enduring love, at least since Victorian times, the Ouroboros –a snake eating its tail – is also associated with rebirth and new beginnings. I think that these pieces can surely be romantic but they can also take on the personality of the wearer and where she is in her life right now. At this point, I think that we all need a new beginning and to find beauty in our lives whenever we can.”


Kathleen Sleigh/Darsana

As Kathleen Sleigh explains so eloquently about her 18K gold diamond earrings: “Delicate and fierce, our wing earrings exude majesty and power. Worn together or as single studs, they channel the fierce protection of angels and the soaring strength of eagles. This is what we want for ourselves and for those we hold dear – to be fearless, boundless and full of dreams, as if we had wings.”


Rochelle Gordon/Era Jewelry Designs

There are initial pendants and then there are initial pendants. Rochelle Gordon for Era Jewelry Designs stands out as a singular statement piece artfully executed in a mosaic of the brand’s signature cut fancy colored sapphires. “We feature a juxtaposition of mismatched shapes and work with our clients to choose from the array of colors we offer to capture the essence of their personality and individual style.  The initials are created in 14K gold and the sapphires are accented with round brilliant diamonds, proudly sitting front and center on a diamond-cut beaded chain. You can choose your own initial or one in remembrance of a loved one, or any member of your family.” But for this Valentine’s day, why not choose your own initial which represents a mosaic of your life so far and all the colorful times still ahead.

Samantha Jackson/Heavenly Vices

In the Victorian ‘Language of Flowers’, tulips mean ‘declaration of love’ – an endearing message from a romantic partner. But I’d like to think this ring is one that we can purchase for ourselves. Possibly because I have been ogling it since it first appeared in my Instagram feed.  This 14K gold engravable signet ring with beautifully wrought tulips can be inscribed with a name, saying, meaningful word or anything else the wearer believes would be significant to them. And, really what woman who has an affinity for tulips wouldn’t prefer them in gold, on her finger, where they will never wilt, but rather they will endure and can be worn and enjoyed for a long time to come.

Thea Miller/ Dru Jewelry

Whether Thea Miller for Dru Jewelry’s messages  are spiritual or witty, they all speak to resilience, strength, bravery and overcoming obstacles in our lives.  Her Loved Reflection Medallion in 14K yellow gold with a diamond looks back at you in the mirror, allowing you the self-love to feel your own power to appreciate your quirks as much as your attributes and to know you are loved by those who are not standing behind you at the moment.




Susan Cohen/ Circa 1700

“I designed my ‘Fill Your Heart Pendant’ in 18K gold and old mine and European cut diamonds and an open circular space (representing no beginning and no end). This is to symbolize how we choose to fill our hearts, and that there’s always more space since our capacity to love is endless.  And our capacity to love ourselves widens as we get to know and accept more about who we are.”



Karen Karch/Karen Karch

“Hearts are often thought to be sugary sweet which is not my vibe at all, yet I use them and think some of them are quite beautiful.  This feeling inspired me to conceive of the heart in a different daring direction and mood. I took it on as a challenge, to show women who never thought they would wear a heart a different take to see if I created something more roughhewn if they would want to wear one. To do this, I created a heart shape with a tangle of my signature vines, centering on a custom-cut black onyx gem held by sharp claws, giving it a gothic feeling. The black diamond beads are another way of creating an edgy feel to the look. Women began to buy my onyx hearts and then I started to do design smaller versions in black diamond as another alternative.” This is definitely one you would want to buy for yourself. Like many of Karen’s pieces it shows the contradictions and different sides/moods of a woman—the soft curves of the heart the deep black of the stone and the sharpness of the claws create a piece that evokes strength and independence.


Kate Hubley/ K8 Jewelry

“My Titania Rose Gold Ring with Tahitian pearl and diamonds evokes the quiet strength of a queen – Queen Titania, from a Mid-Summer Night’s Dream – compassionate, loyal and strong. I created it for women to purchase for themselves to celebrate all of these attributes in addition to their bold femininity and graceful determination.” The ring is sculpted in 18K rose gold and the diamonds are F-G color VS, 0.70 TCW. However the ring can be customized to any replace the diamond to any gemstone you choose and Designer Kate Hubley also offers it in yellow or white gold..


Yokabid Worku/Yoki Designs

“Many people think of the magic of the sky when they see stars but my Ocean Princess studs are inspired by the starfish under the coral reefs. The sea is mysterious and colorful and there everything coexists—the plant life and the fish, the beauty of the coral reefs—it’s like a fantasy land for me. I created these earrings to hint at the mood boards I had created but to be wearable studs in 18K gold with tiny diamonds inside of each star. For the modern woman they are her version of a beautiful Tahitian pearl stud (although those would be fabulous too). They are the ultimate self-purchase item as they are versatile and easy to wear – the type of earring you never want to take off and the kind that makes you feel like you are glowing as soon as they are in your earlobes.”

 Linda Hoj/Linda Hoj

If you are looking for a high quality refined yet stylized necklace crafted with old world craftsmanship then look no further, this 22K gold  three bezel diamond center with handmade chain is the one. The handmade chain is weighty enough so the center diamonds never flip. The bezels are set just right so it just curves with the neck and the concept of “three for luck’ is perfect when it comes to these stones that signify enduring love. This is a piece you want to buy for yourself and know that by wearing it you are sending out energy that will bring you what you desire and need.


Orly Eisbart/Orly Marcel

The earring stud collection is the perfect gift with multiple meanings for women who want a perk me up and have multiple piercing in their lobes. You can have a lot of fun and escape from the challenges we are faced with these days by choosing which studs will become part of your ear party.  At least your earrings can get together without social distancing!

“All of my studs represent a celestial or spiritual object meant to channel positive light and energy. Our Surya studs are set in 18K gold with stunning rubies that reflect the sun’s energy. Our Guiding Star studs shine brightly providing you with direction and guidance as they sparkle with diamonds. Our emerald Mandala earring opens one up to limitless possibilities with the emerald meaning hope and prosperity,  while our Four Petal Studs in a range of colors is thought to symbolize wholeness and individuality in diamonds for enduring love, emeralds for hope, rubies for passion and amethyst for enlightenment.”


Suzanne Kalan/ Suzanne Kalan

A large pastel multi-colored heart pendant set with a range of  fancy baguette sapphires evokes a feeling of a heart that is as colorful and cheerful as our lives will soon be again—spreading hope and joy! For the woman who buys and wears it –it will put a smile on her face every day!


Alex Fitz/Alex Fitz

“The On Guard ring channel set with seven ethically sourced baguettes surrounded by beautifully brushed ethically sourced 18K recycled gold is a ring version of a talisman. Its shield shape protects while the diamonds signify stability and the angular feeling is representative of strength.”

Jennifer DeMoro/Jennifer DeMoro

“The Solara Open Pendant Necklace is graphic and strong and reminiscent of the 1970s.  It crafted in 14K gold with colored gemstone baguettes to mimic the California sunset. My inspiration was also to bespeak the message of the time period when woman became more empowered and independent and wore pieces that represented their lifestyles—that had a bold, sensual yet laid back vibe. It is a pendant meant to be worn in the same spirit today.”



Kathryn Giarratano/Layla G.

This delicate but intricate  14K gold pinky ring (available in yellow, rose, or white gold)  with a center diamond is easily worn on a daily basis to remind us of the hope that comes with the sun rising each new day and to also let go of any negative thoughts when it sets. It’s the perfect piece of fine jewelry to treat yourself to this Valentine’s Day to serve as that reminder to choose positivity. All purchases support teachers across America.


Pamela Zamore/Pamela Zamore

“This is our Eight Point Heart Pendant in 18K gold. I designed it as a talisman of both love and light to inspire the wearer to live from a place of compassion and/or passion for what inspires them and to shine their light out into the world.  We designed a special edition ruby center for Valentine’s day—the center is traditionally a diamond in this design—but we thought it represents passion and desire which can allude to someone you love or to what drives you personally.”


Gina Ferranti/GiGi Ferranti

“My version of a horn charm is named Portofino. Horns have been a popular symbol of ancient superstition in Greco-Roman culture.  It has been worn for centuries and is now part of the Italian culture to ward off evil, bring protection to the wearer and it has a sensual shape that accents a variety of necks and necklines. The pink sapphire is a vibrant color and this is the type of piece a woman can purchase herself for positive vibes with the joy of being able to mix it with other pieces of good fortune in her collection.”


Sig Ward/Sig Ward Jewelry

“We love the whimsical pink and white color combo that reminds us of candy Sweethearts and other childhood Valentine’s Day treats.The heart-shaped ruby in the center, of course, symbolizes love and its dainty size makes an eye-catching statement without being over the top. It’s the reminder of your more innocent days and your own self-love and care. Although it makes a wonderful romantic gift as well.”



Lori Friedman/Loriann Jewelry’s  Linear diamond slice dangle earrings layered and bezel set with refined white diamonds in 14K yellow gold. “I see these diamond slices as tiny mirrors that reflect light out into the world and then back to the person who wears them imbuing them with the glow of positive energy and the ability to rediscover the joy of life.”


Nicole Rose/Nicole Rose

For those of you who prefer band rings to signet rings and chunky diamond-studded initials to swirly monograms, this is the ring for you. “I have designed the ring in 18K gold with two initials for your first and last name or blending you and your significant other’s first names or however you would like to customize it to work with your life, loves and personality. The chunky aspect of the ring speaks to the power and courage women experience in all times.  It also represents women’s compassionate natures and all aspects that make them  bold and fills them with the capacity to show empathy and the understanding to accept all those around them as well as themselves.”